CV. Drugov Roman

Part 1. Short

Full Name: Drugov Roman
Date of Birth: 01.12.1994
English: Upper-Intermediate (Need a little practice)


Phone number: +7(999)813–11–28
Fb, Telegram, Instagram: @romadrugov


Incomplete High Education
University: Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Information Technologies (MESI)
Specialty: Applied Informatics (gone after the second course)


Time Club. Junior Internet Advertising Manager. 01.2015–05.2017
Yandex. SMM-Support manager. 06.2017–06.2018
Time Club. Head of Advertising. 06.2018–07.2020 Мedia distribution marketing manager 07.2020–10.2020
Freelance Helping small businesses to build internet marketing 10.2020-…

Own Projects:
Telegram channel @ru_telega
Telegram Bot @TDownload_bot
Telegram Bot @ruvisabot

— Copyright
— Creating content
— Communication with the audience
— Advertising on VK, Facebook Ads
— Yandex.Direct
— Yandex.Metrica
— Google Ads
— Google Analytics
— Google Tag Manager
— Google Search Console
— WordPress
— Telegram (creation of bots without code)
— HTML (basic)
— Anything, give only a little time.

— Travelling
— Mobile Technologies
— Football
— Creating startup ideas(look @startup_rip)

Part 2. Longread

Hi! My name is Roma. Now you have a unique (or not) opportunity to learn a little more about me than a regular resume can tell.

I was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia, studied at the lyceum at MEPHI, then dropped out of Plekhanov University.


After the second year of study at MESI, our university was joined to the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Our training program was redone and forced on 1C. I decided to leave the university and study on my own.

Time Club

Fall 2015. I went to work as an administrator in the place called Time Club. It’s something like a cafe, but you pay only for the time you spent there.

Soon I started to lead a social media of Time Club and tried to learn a lot about internet marketing. In two years we improved our social media and made a community of people who like our brand and our lifestyle.


May 2017. I decided to leave Time Club and join Yandex. It was a big challenge for me.

At Yandex, I was a kind of SMM-support and community manager. We showed the face of the brand through social media. We tracked the reaction to the company’s events, collected statistics, and communicated with users.

We tried to create the best SMM support and I think we did it.

But enough is enough. I decided to leave.


I really like Yandex, but I wanted to grow up faster. It’s too hard to grow fast at a big company like Yandex.

Make Time Club great again

May 2018. Time Club changed management and offered me to head of marketing. It was a good idea and a big step. I agreed.

We have built a marketing strategy, linked all marketing together. And everything worked like clockwork.

I worked with Google Ads, Google Analytics, redesigned the site on WordPress, supervised social networks, and a lot more.

July 2020. I started to work at №1 sports media in Russia. I helped to generate installs on a mobile app and worked on any special projects (mostly for bookmakers). It was interesting but I realized that I didn’t share the views of the company’s management and left.


Since autumn 2020 I started to work as a freelancer. I help small businesses build Internet marketing from zero. I work with a small budget and do everything to ensure that local businesses survive the pandemic.

Some of my clients:

And finally

I’m always open to something new. So if you, my dear friend, have read up to this point and think that I can be useful to you — write / call / send pigeons. I will only be glad of a new challenge.

And thank you for reading to the end, it’s very pleasant to me!



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